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My Story

I wonder if you can identify with my story? After years of struggling with sugar addiction, body image issues, and unhealthy dieting patterns I decided to learn more about nutrition and how to feed my body in a healthy way. I now use my experience to help other sort through their issues to find peace and joy in good nutrition!


Supplements can help you meet your Nutrition Goals!

Nourished Nutrition Counseling offers recommendations using Pure Encapsulations!


How does Faith inform how we Feed our Bodies?

So many ways!


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Balanced Nutrition

At Nourished Nutrition Counseling, we don’t believe in FAD diets. We do believe that good nutrition can truly change your life. We will teach you the tools to be successful long-term without feeling deprived.

Balanced Goals

You are more likely to be successful in achieving your goals when YOU decide how to achieve them. You are in the drivers seat when it comes to your health. Nourished Nutrition Counseling is here to guide and encourage you along the way.

Life balance and yoga

Balanced Life

We know that life balance is extremely important to achieving your health goals. We will guide you in learning how to manage your time, stress management techniques, and the value of balancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual.

You Really Are What You Eat!

Nourished Nutrition Counseling, LLC is a unique practice as it is client based. Clients determine their level of commitment, success, and reward with the guidance of the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). Clients will engage in a unique program that focuses on nutrition, but also takes into account activity, life balance, mindfulness, spiritual life, and setting goals with rewards. Clients will have consistent and committed guidance throughout their program. Clients will gain a sense of empowerment and success in their health goals with improved nutrition being the foundation of their success.

Jenn has over 15 years of experience in helping clients change their lives through good nutrition. She truly believes that you are what you eat! Together, you can develop a plan to help you change your life and your health using tools that will make you successful long term. Never go on another diet again!

What Clients are Saying

“When I first started meeting with Jennifer, I thought she would just throw me onto another fad diet of strict no-carb eating (that I would fail at yet again) and I can’t tell you my surprise when she was more interested in fixing my broken approach to food.  Jennifer has been a wellness counselor as well as a nutritionist because she is helping get to the heart of WHY I overeat so I can change forever.”  Jenn M

“I have struggled for years with digestive issues, and my doctor suggested trying the FODMAP diet.  The FODMAP information I found wasn’t consistent so I didn’t know how to implement it.  In addition, it was extremely restrictive, and I was continuing to lose weight.  Jennifer has really helped to identify and clarify which foods which may be problematic, my weight has stabilized, and she has been so encouraging even when I was ready to give up.  I also am eating a greater variety of foods, including more fruits and vegetables.  Overall, my diet is much healthier.  Jennifer is very skilled and knowledgeable (and very nice).  I definitely recommend her!”  Candace S.

Next Steps...

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