Fueling Your Health
With Food and Faith


Food and Faith Program!

Have you struggled with food, nutrition or health and wonder what God has to say about it? Have you ever wished there was a program truly based on God's word to help you refocus your mind to think about taking care of your body as well as your soul?


My Story

I wonder if you can identify with my story? After years of struggling with sugar addiction, body image issues, and unhealthy dieting patterns I decided to learn more about nutrition and how to feed my body in a healthy way. I now use my experience to help other sort through their issues to find peace and joy in good nutrition!


Supplements can help you meet your Nutrition Goals!

Nourished Nutrition Counseling offers recommendations using Pure Encapsulations!


Freedom from Guilt and Shame!

Do you ever get that feeling of guilt after eating a little too much dessert?


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Get a "taste" (pun intended!) of what it means to transform your mind in how you think about food and health according to God's word!

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What Clients are Saying

“When I first started meeting with Jennifer, I thought she would just throw me onto another fad diet of strict no-carb eating (that I would fail at yet again) and I can’t tell you my surprise when she was more interested in fixing my broken approach to food.  Jennifer has been a wellness counselor as well as a nutritionist because she is helping get to the heart of WHY I overeat so I can change forever.”  Jenn M

“I have struggled for years with digestive issues, and my doctor suggested trying the FODMAP diet.  The FODMAP information I found wasn’t consistent so I didn’t know how to implement it.  In addition, it was extremely restrictive, and I was continuing to lose weight.  Jennifer has really helped to identify and clarify which foods which may be problematic, my weight has stabilized, and she has been so encouraging even when I was ready to give up.  I also am eating a greater variety of foods, including more fruits and vegetables.  Overall, my diet is much healthier.  Jennifer is very skilled and knowledgeable (and very nice).  I definitely recommend her!”  Candace S.

Next Steps...

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