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Learning to take care of our bodies with good nutrition for the glory of God!


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Putting On Christ in a World of Lies

Progress not perfection

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What Clients are Saying

“What I have learned is that God loves me from my heart. My body is not important to God in the sense that, if I’m fat or thin. What God desires is my heart to be for him. Therefore all the other things will fall into place. God made food for us to enjoy, not for us to punish or abuse. What matters is that the fruits of the spirit are in us, because we have been given them once we accepted Christ into our life, but we forget that because the world tells us different. We must listen to God alone. My mind set has really changed as a result of this class.” Vee L. about the Food and Faith Program

“I love how food is both celebrated as a good gift from the Lord and yet put in it’s right place instead of as the idol we so easily make our eating into. I was helped by the encouragement for mindful and thankful eating, and Jennifer’s use of God’s word to encourage and convict, with a goal of growing closer to the Lord during the journey. Her knowledge as a nutritionist is evident in the great education and attainable goals that help towards health and wellness.” Brandy B.

“I had been suffering from digestive issues for almost 7 years and had reached out to several different types of doctors only to be told I was perfectly healthy. Jennifer took the time to really listen to me and also the initiative to get to the bottom of what was going on. She truly changed the trajectory of my life and I can’t thank her enough!” -Amanda S.

“Changing my perspective to taking care of my body instead of dieting or trying lose weight made all the difference. I now have lasting motivation that is pleasing to God so I can do all the things I want to do! Jenn is compassionate, encouraging, and helpful in challenging in in thinking differently about all of it. Thank you!” -Deb L.

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