Antioxidants in berries can help immunity


Nutrition Counseling Packages

What you get:

*90 minute initial consult with nutrition and supplement plan and complete evaluation.

*The number of refining visits you get will depend on the package you choose.  Apples: 4 refining visits per month

Berries: 3 refining visits per month

Cherries: 2 refining visits per month

*Refining visits are meant to encourage, motivate, and challenge you.  Visits may include weekly food record reviews, continued  evaluation of nutrition and supplements, and coordination with PCP for relevant labs and other health issues.  Your refining visits will also focus on skills like meal planning, pantry makeovers, life balance, stress management and much more!

Cherries package starts at $150 per month

90 Minute Nutrition Consultation

In this 90 minute Nutrition Consultation Jenn will help you meet your nutrition goals with science based recommendations and encouragement.  Your consultation may include development of a meal plan, supplement recommendations, faith based discussions about how to stay motivated and find joy in feeding your body well, and all of your questions will be answered!

Price: $140

Genetic Testing For Nutrition

Genetic testing can tell us so much unique information about personal nutrition needs!

*Risk for certain nutrient deficiencies.  How certain nutrients like sodium and whole grains affect YOUR heart.  How your body responds to Calories, exercise, and more in relation to your weight.  Which physical activities work best for your body.

If you have already had a 23 and Me or Ancestry test done–we can use that information for Nutrition.  It is simple: call or email the company to request your RAW data.  Then contact me to schedule your consultation!

Genetic Testing Packages that include your test start at $499

NEW! GI Map Testing

GI Map testing provides information that is crucial to nutrition and supplement recommendations.

*It can help understand digestive issues, fatigue, weight gain, depression, hormone imbalances, and so much more!

*GI Map testing is useful for almost anyone looking to improve health and quality of life.

Learn more here!

GI Map Testing with Consultation: $495

We Know Your Time Is Money

Conducting all of our sessions virtually gives you an opportunity to spend more time doing all of the other things that your life requires. If you would like to do your session while on your lunch time walk, no problem! We hope you will appreciate the flexibility of our services.

We Know Food Records Aren't For Everyone

There is a lot of good research that shows people who do SOME SORT of record actually do better than those who don’t. That being said, we know that not everyone likes to count calories. There are many other ways to keep some type of record. This includes taking photos of your meals, keeping a journal of your hunger or your mood. You could even consider just keep track of the “not so good” days. Whatever your personality, we will help you to find a type of record that works well for you.