Week 8: Making Plans

Galatians 5:22-23

Week 8: Making Plans You made it! We are on our last week of this 8-week Food and Faith program! This week is all about Making Plans! How do you feel? Have you transformed your mind? Have you grown in peace, self-control, patience, and joy? Are you ready to make some plans to review and apply all that you have learned through the last 7 weeks? Take just a minute to reflect on these questions in your journal today before we move onto the rest of the week. This week,…

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Week 7: Joy

Romans 15:3

Week 7: Joy As we go through this week together, I want us to grow in joy as we learn to take care of our bodies for the glory of God. Let us remember that our ultimate joy comes from the Lord and it is unshakable, never changing, never ending, and ultimately found in the presence of our God! Finding joy in all things helps us to continue working for the Lord to glorify Him in all we do. We will grow in this fruit of the Spirit more when…

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Week 6: Patience

Hebrews 12:1

Week 6: Patience We know patience it is a characteristic that pleases God since it is one of the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), but often we feel like we don’t have much of it. We also know that God Himself is full of patience, steadfastness, and faithfulness. These qualities show God to be firm, unwavering, loyal, and long-suffering. Lastly, we know that as our faith grows, we will become more like Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit and in becoming more like Christ, we will see…

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Week 5: Getting Rid of Lies

1 Corinthians 6:12

Week 5: Getting Rid of Lies When it comes to taking care of our bodies well, Satan is constantly trying to get us to believe lies about who we are, what we are worth, and what will satisfy us. These lies creep into our lives and we often don’t recognize we are starting to believe them. We must learn how to recognize them so we can fight with truth from God’s word.  In the midst of all of the lies, let us not forget that we are lovely created beings…

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Week 4: Self-Control

2 Timothy 1:7

Week 4: Self-Control Don’t run away after reading that the topic for this week is self-control. I promise after 5 days of digging into learn more about self-control, you will come out on the other side encouraged! We often think of self-control with a negative connotation, but  I want us to think of self-control as “metered” and disciplined, not based on emotions, but on logic. I think self-control and Intuitive Eating can go together very well when we view it as a way of eating where we are kind and…

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Week 3: Finding Peace (with Food and our Bodies)

Ecclesiastes 9:7

Week 3: Finding Peace (with Food and our Bodies) This week, we will learn how to find peace in both our food and nutrition and our body image. We can discover peace by continuing to transform our minds when we identify worldly thoughts and ideas and replace them with thoughts that are true and Biblical. Transforming our minds can be challenging, but don’t worry! You have God beside you helping you find the truth, joy, and patience in this entire journey! Let us guard against thinking of food as our…

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Week 2: Finding the Right Motivation

Colossians 3:17

Week 2: Finding the Right Motivation Having the right motivation is important to God. He does care about what we do, but more importantly, he cares about how we do it. He is always more concerned about our hearts behind our actions. That is what we are focusing on this week. Why do we want to change our habits? Are our hearts and minds focused in a way that would please God? Recipes for the week: Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables Seafood Chowder Berry Ginger Smoothie

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Week 1: Transforming our Minds

Romans 12:2

  Week 1: Transforming our Minds Week 1 is all about transforming our minds! We want to think differently about concepts related to food and nutrition according to what the Bible says, not according to what the world says. As Christians, we are new creations, so let us put on the amazing new characteristics of Christ as we seek to change our habits for the better! Recipes for this week: Sweet Potato Egg Cups Crispy Chicken Salad with Dijon Honey Mustard Dressing Chocolate Banana Muffins You might also enjoy this…

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Colossians 3:16

  Welcome to my Food and Faith Program! I am so happy you are here. Welcome! There is not one “right” way of eating according to God’s word. He made food to be both nutritious and fun! But somewhere we have lost the purpose. This Food and Faith Journey was designed to help us discover how to have the right mindset in feeding our bodies well through the lens of the Bible. This includes many concepts like having right and pure motivations, keeping God #1 (over health, body, and food),…

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