5-Day Healthy Meal Plan

Creating a meal plan every week can seem overwhelming at first. Often, when we are overwhelmed, we can’t seem to get much done. But, creating a meal plan can be extremely helpful to save time, money, and stress! There are truly so many benefits! I hope that this article will help you see that meal planning doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Before you review the plan below, I encourage you to check out this article: Meal Planning 101 to help you understand how to get started!

Getting Started

I always like to start with planning 5 dinners for my family. There are 4 of us total, and my son (almost 13 years old) eats twice what the rest of us do. If you have a smaller or larger family, you may need to plan accordingly by halving or doubling recipes as needed. I also like to make sure we have enough dinner to have leftovers at least 1 night weekly, and for some possible for lunches. This article includes some additional options for breakfast and lunch at the bottom to help you fill in the gaps. I typically like to make 1 additional lunch per week and 1-2 breakfast options to supplement our leftovers.

Below is a sneak peak into how I do my meal plan for the week. I choose a variety of dinners including a vegetarian option, a seafood option, a poultry option, and a beef option. My fifth choice is often a wild card where I will repeat one of the options or I will choose pork. Below is an idea of a recent meal plan we have done. I try to include a variety of healthy carbohydrate like potatoes, whole grain rice, or higher protein pasta.

Recipes to Try

Vegetarian Option: Black Bean and Cauliflower Tacos

Seafood Option: Bar-B-Q Salmon

*Note this option is a recipe for the salmon only (mostly protein and omega-3 fats), so I like to add a baked potato and some Roasted Veggies to make this one a complete and balanced meal.

Poultry Option: Indian Butter Chicken

Beef Option: Classic Green Chile Stew

Wildcard Option: Chili Pork Stir Fry

What’s for lunch?

I always love to throw together a Lunch Bowl with the leftovers from the dinner meals I have made throughout the week!

Check out these delicious breakfast ideas for your meal plan

Sweet Potato Egg cups

Pumpkin Muffins

For more great recipe ideas, you can visit my friends at The Real Food Dietitians


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