Cauliflower Rice with Green Chile

Cauliflower Rice with Corn and Green Chile

Cauliflower Rice with Corn and Green Chile This simple cauliflower rice with corn and green chile side dish truly exceeded all of my expectations!  We had been traveling for over two weeks and when we got home I was scrounging in the freezer for dinner.  I had a bag of cauliflower rice, some frozen corn and green chile.  So, this is what I made!  I added a little garlic powder and cracked black pepper and it tasted amazing! So I am sharing my success in this cauliflower rice with corn…

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Mineral Broth

Mineral Broth This home made vegetable mineral broth is almost magical because it takes all of the wonderful nutrients from all of the amazing vegetables and puts it into a delicious broth that you can use in all of your cooking to help your body heal.  I truly believe in the power of good food to make the body well.  Using food to really nourish the body well is called functional nutrition.  Functional nutrition takes into account all of the systems in the body and formulates a plan for optimal…

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12 Ways to Naturally Detox

herbs and spices

What are toxins? Toxins include everything that our bodies don’t need that can be harmful if accumulated.  They are actually made by the body through metabolism: lactic acid, urea or other waste products.  They also come from outside the body and can include pesticides, mercury, lead, pollution, chemicals in tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.  Toxins can accumulate in our bodies in fat, muscle, and bones. How does our body naturally detox? Our bodies are constantly detoxing naturally.  It is the process by which these toxins are removed from our bodies through…

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Lemon Garlic Roasted Yellow Squash

Lemon Garlic Roasted Yellow Squash This lemon garlic roasted yellow squash was delicious!  It is easy to prepare, about 10 minutes, and really was quite good.  I love finding new ideas to put more veggies in my life! I was challenged a couple of weeks ago by one of my clients who asked me for more ideas for side dishes.  I was stumped.  I realized that my side dishes are often quite boring!  I decided to come up with some new, interesting, tasty, and easy ideas for vegetables sides.  This…

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What Vegetables are in Season?

In Season is Best for Vegetables I find it very helpful to increase the amount of vegetables I eat if I can purchase fresh, high quality vegetables for a reasonable price.  Much of my success in this has come from eating vegetables that are in season.   Benefits of purchasing produce go beyond just saving money.  When you purchase foods that are locally in season, you will find they retain more nutrients.  This is because they were more recently harvested closer to you.  This is beneficial to your overall health and…

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Home Made Baked From Scratch Pizza

  The whole family will love this made from scratch pizza.  Easy and much more nutritious than the store bought stuff! Make it a meal with 2 slices and a salad! Makes 10 Slices Crust: ¾ cup Whole Wheat Flour ¾ cup AP Flour 1 package Fast Acting Yeast ¼ tsp Salt ¼ tsp Sugar 2/3 cup Hot Water 2 tsp Olive Oil Sauce: 3 oz Tomato Paste 4 oz Tomato Sauce ½ tsp Sugar ¼ tsp Salt ¼ tsp Black Pepper ½ tsp Oregano ½ tsp Garlic Powder 1…

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