Faith-Based Nutrition

Faith-Based Nutrition The fee for this class is $10, but I really don’t want that to stop you if this is something you truly want to learn! Please let me know if you want special access to this class by simply sending me a message with your email address. I will make sure this class is available for anyone who wants it! In this Faith-Based Nutrition Class you will view the class via YouTube (about 45 minutes long) to help you understand key concepts in the Bible that relate to…

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Wellness in the Word Workshop

New Dates Coming Up: Stay Tuned for 2023! Location: 2520 Chama NE, Albuquerque, NM Cost: If you were felt like you benefited from the workshop, please consider a donation to help Gina and I continue this important ministry. Thank you!   You can NOW View the Recording from April 2022!   *Register HERE for upcoming workshops*

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Food and Faith Program

Food Records

Welcome! See what my Food and Faith Program is all about! In this Food and Faith Program you will… Create a foundation to begin transforming your mind to think differently about how you take care of your body according to God’s word. Find the right motivations in changing your habits for long-term success. Find peace with food and your body. Practice self-control and grow in this fruit of the Spirit. Learn to recognize lies you might be believing AND fight them with truth from God’s word. Grow in patience as…

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