Wellness in the Word

Helping women take care of their bodies for God’s glory!

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Saturday May 23rd, 2024

Albuquerque, NM

Wellness in the Word Workshop for women started in January of 2022 with a vision to help women overcome the lies of the world with truth from God’s word. Here at Nourished Nutrition Counseling, I help Christian women find freedom and joy in eating with a purpose. These workshops are one extension of my mission! Maybe this is the time to truly focus on transforming your mind about your health and nutrition!

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If you enjoyed this workshop, you will LOVE that all of my programs now include my Food and Faith Program!

Wellness in the Word equips women

In all of our Wellness in the Word Workshops we equip women to transform the way we think about health and wellness. We use Biblical Principles to help us apply how we think about wellness and how we combat the lies of the world. Even Christian women can get distracted chasing weight loss or health remedies rather than focusing on what matters eternally. Our workshops will help you find a right perspective while you learn how to steward your body well for God’s glory.

Past recordings are available below.

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