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7 Foods that are Surprisingly High in Calories

Just because a food is considered “healthy” doesn’t mean you can just eat as much of it as you want.  Here is a short list of some common foods viewed as “healthy” that can really sabotage your weight loss goals. Avocado Yes, it is full of healthy fats, vitamin E, and fiber, but if you eat a whole avocado, about 5 ounces edible weight, you just consumed about 230 Calories.  That is almost as much as a regular sized Snickers Bar at 250 Calories.  Of course, the avocado Calories are…

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So really…why aren’t French women Fat?

Does anyone remember the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat” by Mirielle Guiliano? Well I have some of my own insights from living in Europe for 1 month now. I am not in France, but I am sure there are some similarities. First, in Ireland, gas costs about $10 per gallon, this encourages people to walk more or ride their bikes to get places. Even taking the bus requires more energy to walk to and from the stops. It is also easier to take public transportation here. Second, most of…

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