12 Ways to Naturally Detox

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What are toxins? Toxins include everything that our bodies don’t need that can be harmful if accumulated.  They are actually made by the body through metabolism: lactic acid, urea or other waste products.  They also come from outside the body and can include pesticides, mercury, lead, pollution, chemicals in tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.  Toxins can accumulate in our bodies in fat, muscle, and bones. How does our body naturally detox? Our bodies are constantly detoxing naturally.  It is the process by which these toxins are removed from our bodies through…

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What Vegetables are in Season?

In Season is Best for Vegetables I find it very helpful to increase the amount of vegetables I eat if I can purchase fresh, high quality vegetables for a reasonable price.  Much of my success in this has come from eating vegetables that are in season.   Benefits of purchasing produce go beyond just saving money.  When you purchase foods that are locally in season, you will find they retain more nutrients.  This is because they were more recently harvested closer to you.  This is beneficial to your overall health and…

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