Managing Blood Sugars 101

Intuitive Eating Class

Managing Blood Sugars: Diabetes Receiving a diagnosis of pre-diabetes or diabetes is not what we want to hear, but there is good news. I hope by the end of reading this you will feel empowered to make some healthy changes in your life. There are so many wonderful tools available to help you manage your blood sugars and stay healthy even with this diagnosis! I hope this article will help you get started in sorting through all of the nutrition “noise”. Myths about Diabetes First, let’s dispel some myths about…

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Sugar Alcohols: Are they a Sweet Alternative to Sugar?

What are sugar alcohols? Sugar alcohols are found in many “sugar free” foods and low sugar or low calorie foods and beverages.  These products include sugar-free gum and candy, no sugar added ice creams, yogurts, and puddings, and some baked goods.  Their chemical structure consists of a simple carbohydrate attached to an alcohol group.  Some examples include lactitol, maltitol, mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, and erythritol.  You can identify them by the -ol at the end of their name on the food label.  There has been a recent increase in the consumption…

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