Encouragement to One Another

I want to take some time today to encourage you.  God tells us to encourage one another.  1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”  I hope you are enjoying the new you!  How are you feeling?  Are you proud of what you have accomplished with the help of our Lord?  You should be.  I am guessing you have made some amazing changes related to your health that have helped you feel stronger, more confident, healthier, more energy, and probably many other things.  


I want to take just a couple minutes to talk about encouraging others when it comes to health.  Often we watch others as they go through their health journeys with feelings of jealousy, pride, or comparison.  John Piper says, “Comparison is either wallowing or boasting, neither of which is helpful”.  https://www.desiringgod.org/ It is true!  We compare our success, we compare our failures, and what is the point of all of the comparison?  It either makes us boast or wallow.  There are no helpful components of comparing especially when it comes to how we eat.

Attitude of Encouragement

It is hard to change habits.  Especially if you have had some bad habits for a very long time.  Remember to be patient with yourself.  When you make a mistake.  Identify your mistake.  Think about why you made that mistake.  Find a bible verse to help you.  Pray about it.  Think of practical ways you can recover.  You can do this!  You have already made so much progress, you must choose to stay on the right road.  Continue on the path to joy, peace, and love for your own body, your own health, and your own mission that God has granted you.

Ways you can Encourage One Another

  1. If you have a friend how is working to change her eating habits for the better, ask how she is doing.  Ask her if you can help her in any way.
  2. When she tells you how to help, try to do so.  It may be simple, like instead of meeting “out” for lunch, meet at a park and pack your own lunch.  Or it may be a little more involved, like she needs an exercise buddy.  But whatever it is, try to help.
  3. You can give compliments.  It should even necessarily be about weight loss or even how she looks.  Try complimenting her attitude, her energy, or her choices.
  4. You can be there when she is feeling down or like giving up.  A simple, “I know you can do this” can be just the thing to get someone back on track.

How to find Encouragment

Ask.  Find a friend or relative and ask her to help you.  Ask for exactly what you think you need.  Having a friend in this with you can make all the difference in the world.  God gave us friends to help us in our journeys and our struggles.  Find a friend that can help you!

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