Lunch Bowls: Tons of combos for amazing flavors!

Lunch Bowls! Clients ask me all the time, “what should I eat for lunch?” I have found that if it isn’t easy to throw together, they won’t do it no matter how healthy it is! This is why I love lunch bowls! I often eat these myself using a variety of vegetables and leftovers that are already prepared in my refrigerator. Below are 4 different options and ideas to create your perfect lunch! You can follow the chart horizontally to stick with similar flavors, or you can mix and match…

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12 Ways to Naturally Detox

herbs and spices

What are toxins? Toxins include everything that our bodies don’t need that can be harmful if accumulated.  They are actually made by the body through metabolism: lactic acid, urea or other waste products.  They also come from outside the body and can include pesticides, mercury, lead, pollution, chemicals in tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.  Toxins can accumulate in our bodies in fat, muscle, and bones. How does our body naturally detox? Our bodies are constantly detoxing naturally.  It is the process by which these toxins are removed from our bodies through…

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Lemon Garlic Roasted Yellow Squash

Lemon Garlic Roasted Yellow Squash This lemon garlic roasted yellow squash was delicious!  It is easy to prepare, about 10 minutes, and really was quite good.  I love finding new ideas to put more veggies in my life! I was challenged a couple of weeks ago by one of my clients who asked me for more ideas for side dishes.  I was stumped.  I realized that my side dishes are often quite boring!  I decided to come up with some new, interesting, tasty, and easy ideas for vegetables sides.  This…

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