Healthy Snack Ideas

It is so easy to grab a granola bar or some crackers for a snack when you feel like you need a boost, but is that really a healthy snack option?  Many of our go-to snacks tend to be heavily processed and are less than ideal for good nutrition.  So how can we change our habits and our snacks to help us succeed in our health goals.  Here are some easy tips and some ideas to get you started.


#1 Make sure to include a good source of protein.

#2 Include a fresh fruit or vegetable with each snack.  You can prep veggies ahead of time so they are all set to go when you prepare for your day.

#3 Limit convenience foods and processed foods.  The best way to do this is by planning ahead.  Make sure you have fresh foods available and prepared so that you don’t resort to these convenience foods.


10 Ideas for a healthy snack:

  1. Hummus and fresh cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers.
  2. Greek yogurt and fresh berries.
  3. Cheese and snap peas.
  4. Hard Boiled Egg chopped with small spinach salad with tomatoes and oil-based dressing.
  5. Tuna on Triscuit crackers with sliced tomato and basil.
  6. Homemade trail mix with nuts and dried fruit (keep your portion to ¼ cup, this one can be very high in calories!)
  7. Almond butter spread on celery sticks.
  8. Roast chicken on whole wheat bread with avocado slices, add a little garlic powder for some extra flavor!
  9. Cheese cubes with grapes on toothpicks. The kids absolutely LOVE these!
  10. Peanut butter and banana.

You can always switch up these healthy snacks depending on your likes and dislikes.  Make these snacks fun!  You can also boost nutrition by using fresh herbs and spices to make your vegetables extra tasty!  Healthy snacks are more appealing when they are pretty!  Work to make your snacks a little prettier by using lots of color and textures!

Try this for delicious healthy snack option:

Happy Snacking! ENJOY!

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