Pros and Cons of Popular Diets


There is so much misinformation about nutrition plaguing our culture with false promises, quick fixes and just plain bad nutrition advice in so many popular diets.  There is truly a great need for science-based nutrition information from reputable sources.  Knowledge is power, but knowledge doesn’t mean lasting change.  Knowledge often helps us with change, but we need to dig deeper.  We need to discover the heart behind the decisions we are making with about our nutrition.  I often use the Bible to help direct change in my clients, and I have seen amazing results when we apply God’s word to our health and nutrition!

Food Choices

Making a food choice is not simply about eating what is good for us.  There are so many factors that play a role in how we feed our bodies because we all have different life experiences, different taste preferences, and different physiology.  Food can also be very personal and emotional leading us to eat for reasons other than hunger.  How do we sort through the information and pick the one that is best for us?  In this article my goal is to inform you about some of the popular diets today and help you sort through key information so that you can choose an option that is right for you.

Healthy, Whole, Variety, Balance, and Moderation

Let me preface this article by saying that I am a HUGE fan of eating healthy whole foods, variety, balance and moderation.  I rarely recommend any of these diets.  However, there are some specific situations where I may recommend one of these diets.  Also, if I have a client that wants to try one of them, I am happy to guide and encourage even if the particular way of eating is not my first choice.  Just remember that the research shows us that the only “diet” that works long-term is the one we continue doing.  This means, you should consider the practicality of starting one of these plans and continuing it.


Lastly, remember that we are all different!  A diet that works really well for you may not work well for your best fried and that is OK!!!  Be respectful of one another’s choices and support each other regardless of differences in opinion!


Popular Diet




<50 grams of carb per day

75% Calories from Fat

20% Calories from Pro

<5% Calories from Carb

Helps to improve insulin function

May improve brain health

Fewer cravings and hunger, especially sugar

Side effects include “keto flu”

Excessive thirst, fatigue, anxiety and irritability

Limited long-term research

Some concern about heart health and kidney function


Whole 30

Cut out all foods that may cause potential problems: all grains, corn, gluten, nightshades, dairy, legumes, soy, sugar

Emphasizes high vegetables and low processed foods

May help you to figure out causes for food sensitivities, autoimmune, pain, IBS, and other hard to treat medical issues

Strict rules may lead to increased cravings

Limited time option—only 30 days


No animal products

No eggs, dairy, meats, fish, etc.

Typically, lower in fat

Moderate in Protein

Higher in Carbohydrate

Environmental benefits

Weight loss

Low in Saturated fat= better heart health

High fiber content may help increase satiety

Better insulin function

Increase longevity

Risk of nutrient deficiencies especially vitamins D, B12, iron, omega-3’s, Calcium, and zinc



Intermittent Fasting

16 hrs. fast=8pm until noon no eating

OR 5:2 plan= 5 days per week eat normally, but 2 days, eat less than 500 Calories.

*Note there are many options for intermittent fasting


Better insulin function

Possibly helps increase muscle mass

May increase longevity

Probably better for men

May lower fertility, especially in women


Hair loss

May lead to disordered eating


In general, all of these diets “work” in terms of producing weight loss, lower blood sugars, and better overall health.  However, they are all fairly restrictive.  This means that when making a choice about which type of diet you want to pursue; you should consider your ability to persevere with it.  I always say about exercise that the best one is the one you like and the one you will do.  This is true when choosing a lifestyle eating plan as well!

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