5-Day Healthy Easy Real Food Meal Plan

Meal plan

5-Day Healthy Meal Plan Creating a meal plan every week can seem overwhelming at first. Often, when we are overwhelmed, we can’t seem to get much done. But, creating a meal plan can be extremely helpful to save time, money, and stress! There are truly so many benefits! I hope that this article will help you see that meal planning doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Before you review the plan below, I encourage you to check out this article: Meal Planning 101 to help you understand how…

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Pros and Cons of Popular Diets

Pros and Cons of Popular Diets Misinformation There is so much misinformation about nutrition plaguing our culture with false promises, quick fixes and just plain bad nutrition advice in so many popular diets.  There is truly a great need for science-based nutrition information from reputable sources.  Knowledge is power, but knowledge doesn’t mean lasting change.  Knowledge often helps us with change, but we need to dig deeper.  We need to discover the heart behind the decisions we are making with about our nutrition.  I often use the Bible to help…

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The Story About Fats

The Story About Fats I wrote a very lengthy article about a year ago about fats.  While it is packed with some really good info and a lot of research to back it up, I wanted to write a simpler version for those of us who are short on time.  What I mean by that is, everyone.  So here it is, the story about fats. The Buzz Recently, you have probably heard some buzz about how coconut oil is one of the truly healthy oils.  Perhaps you have heard promises…

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